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Our Top Picks

With more and more schools asking for it, we highly recommend completing a Safeguarding for Children course
(or Safeguarding Adults if you work in a college).

The Complete Child Protection and Safeguarding Diploma

If you work in a school, you need to know how to physically intervene during a serious incident, without violating the child’s rights or compromising their wellbeing. 
This bundle will help you understand and implement positive handling in a safe, responsible manner.

Safeguarding Children Certificate

Every child has the right to live a life free from abuse. This course outlines how safeguarding works to support children’s wellbeing, how to identify abuse and what to do if you suspect that a child is being mistreated. It also offers a framework that encourages prompt reporting, which can save a child from further suffering.

Safeguarding Adults Certificate

This course will provide you with an overview of what safeguarding means in practice and how vulnerable adults can be protected from abuse. It addresses what can be done in the short term to help those in need and provides insight into the preventative measures that work to reduce the risk of abuse in the first place.

A few more we think you might like…

Autism Awareness Diploma

Whether you are a teacher or you have a child of your own with ASD, this autism awareness course, broken up into eleven modules, is brimming with information, tips and advice to give you the tools to work with these special individuals, helping them enjoy a better
quality of life. 

Managing Classroom Behaviour Certificate

This course covers everything you will ever need to know regarding ensuring a well-run and hassle-free classroom, which is highly conducive to learning and developing great students. 
You’ll be able to understand children’s behaviour on psychodynamic, cognitive and biological levels.

Dyslexia Diploma

This course offers students the ability to learn all about the condition, and how it can be handled. This course is full of information that will help you not only learn to deal with dyslexia yourself, but also how to help children or others who you come in contact with.You will also learn how the law in the UK affects those with dyslexia.

ADHD Awareness Diploma

The ADHD course will give you the information you require to live with or work with a person who suffers from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. This training course is designed to teach students everything about ADHD from defining and controlling the condition to success stories and improving it.

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