Top UK Teacher Blogs you Need to Read

Summer’s here and that means lazy, long days with time to spare! Looking for teacher blogs to read over the summer? We’ve got you covered!

We have compiled a list of fun UK teacher blogs that you need to read. These blogs range from fun, creative activity ideas to educational and informative posts.

Messy Little Monster

Messy Little Monster is a blog that has lots of fun and creative activity ideas. Back in 2014, blog owner Louise set up Messy Little Monster for her friends and family to view and share ideas with. Since then, the blog has grown so much, and we can see why!

The blog also has videos showing the activities being demonstrated by Louise’s three children. From lava lamp experiments to summer camp ideas, Louise posts fun blogs regularly.

There are also videos listed on her Youtube channel and are proven to be very popular, with some videos reaching up to 70K views! Their Instagram is also a massive hit, with 13K followers interacting with mum Louise frequently.

UK Teacher blogs to read


Edspire is a blog run by Jennie, who posts about home education fun, book reviews, reading and play, along with her beautiful family. Jennie posts regularly to Edspire, so if you’re looking for a new book recommendation, you won’t have to wait long.

You can find Edspire on Instagram, where you can find more book recommendations and reviews. Also, you get to see what Jenny and her family get up to, e.g. fun days out!

Along with Instagram, Edspire has Facebook and Twitter pages where they are also very active.

Uk Teacher Bloggers

Teacher Toolkit

You’ve probably already heard of Teacher Toolkit, but if you haven’t, it’s a blog run by Ross Morrison McGill, who has been blogging on the site since 2007.

As the founder of the blog, his mission is to support the teaching community by sharing ideas, research, and giving teachers a professional platform from which to be heard. He also wishes to provide teachers across the world with solutions to support their professional lives and working environments.

Uk Teacher blogs


Twinkl is an education site that not only provides resources for schools and posts blogs for different categories within education, but is also made by teachers… for teachers. These posts range from early years, teachers, private tutors, trainee teachers, and loads more.

Twinkl have a large following on their Instagram where you can find funny memes, that only teachers would understand!

Teacher Resources and Blog


Need a little help with Maths? Teacher blog, Resourceaholic has been sharing teaching ideas and resources since 2014! Proud mum, Jo started the blog to share teacher tips, ideas and resources.

Jo is also a member of the AQA Maths Expert Panel and the TES Maths Panel, chairs the MA’s Publicity and Media Committee and is a regular guest on Craig Barton’s podcast.

UK Education Blog

UK Education Blog

The UK Education Blog shares expert opinions on educational concepts, ideas and principles by providing useful information to readers, potential learners, teachers or educators, businesses and researchers.

If you have exceptional writing skills, expertise in education or e-learning and would like to share your knowledge with a growing education audience, the UK Education Blog accepts guest writers.

David Didau: The Learning Spy

Frustrated by the current state of education, David Didau began to blog to share his frustrations at the constraints and irritations of ordinary teachers.

His blog has since grown to a multiple award-winning platform with thousands of views each month. Over the past 15+ years, David Didau has worked with hundreds of schools in the UK and overseas.

UK Education Blog

The Confident Teacher

The Confident Teacher is a blog by teacher and author, Alex Quigley. After 15 years in the classroom, Alex now supports the cause of education from the other side the school gates. He also writes for the EEF, TES and Teach Secondary magazine.

The Supply Room’s Very Own Blog

The Supply Room has its very own blog where we share latest news, education updates, tips and resources.