Tips for teaching carpet time expectations.

Trying to get children to find their spots during carpet time feel like herding kittens in a hurricane? Fear not! We’ve got some tips to help you master carpet time expectations and coordination!

Velcro Spots with a Twist!

Ah, the age-old Velcro spot, a classroom’s best friend. Stick their names on the Velcro spots, and you’ve got a personalised landing pad for each mini-human! The best part? They can be moved around like a game of musical chairs. If the initial carpet configuration isn’t working, simply initiate a ‘switcheroo.’ 

Colourful Chaos Management

Remember the good ol’ days when you sorted your crayons by colour? Well, you can use the same logic to group your tiny terrors. Assign different coloured carpet markets spots to each child (we like these) and voilà! Now you can dispatch them to groups with the ease of a seasoned air traffic controller. Need to work with a specific group? Just choose the matching colour. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!

The Power of Imagination

You know what’s even cooler than a Velcro spot? Being a fish or a mermaid! If your little scholars struggle to remember where they sit, add a small picture next to their name with a carpet market like these. They’re far more likely to recall being a bear or a butterfly than just another spot on the floor. Imagination knows no bounds!

Praise, Praise, and More Praise!

Kids love attention, and praise is their currency. Even if only one child sits in their spot nicely, make a big fuss about it! “Well done on finding your place! Thank you for sitting up so nicely! Your knees are knee-tastic!” Use your powers of description to set the bar. 

The Great Carpet Countdown

Sometimes, you need a bit of theatrics. Announce that you’re going to close your eyes and count to ten, and bet your teacher’s pension that they won’t be in their places by the time you open them. Act surprised when you do! 

The Bell of Authority of Carpet Time Expectations

Have bells, will control. 

Ring a bell when it’s carpet time (take a peek at this little concierge number), and watch your little ones transform into Beckham, sliding to secure their prime spot. Lots of praise for the early birds – who doesn’t want to be the “first one” on the carpet? You can even do a countdown while still ringing the bell for those who dilly-dally. 

With Velcro dots, colourful chaos, a sprinkle of imagination, a truckload of praise, a dash of theatrics, and the magical Bell of Authority, you’ll have those kids sitting on their spots in no time!

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