The Supply Room

It was celebrations all around for The Supply Room on Friday as we celebrated the end of term with a stylish beach fiesta!

Employees have worked exceptionally hard this year, in what can only be described as a very trying year for the UK and businesses, in general.

However, the team managed a fantastic year and we look forward to the new school year starting up in September.

Several employees were also recognised for their achievements over the year.

The following received awards:

Business Development Award – Carla Botha

The Business Development Award went to Carla Botha, for bringing in the most new clients this academic year.

“It was close, but in the end, there was a clear winner. Carla has been simply outstanding since she walked through The Supply Room’s doors,”  said The Supply Room’s Co-Founder, Joe Birchenall. “I always knew her SEN recruitment was very good, but she has now proven her sales and client development are up there with the best!”

Congratulations, Carla!

Top Biller Perms Award – Kelly Littlewood

The Top Biller Perm award went to Kelly Littlewood, who managed to maintain her top spot on the perm leaderboard. Kelly also took her first steps into management, taking on two new trainees this year. Congratulations, Kelly! “There is no doubt that the private nursery sector was hit the hardest by Covid, so to deal with all that and still win this award is a huge credit to her!”

Top Biller Days – Lara Tipper

There’s no surprise with this winner – The Top Biller Days award goes to Lara Tipper, who has had a simply sensational year! Lara has led her branch expertly, with positivity, skill, and incredible work ethic. “She has also managed to bring on new staff members, who are performing extremely well, whilst causally also running her own 200+ day desk.”

Well done, Lara!

The Supply Room

The Employee of the Year award had a few nominations from fellow team members but there could be only one winner.


Brandon Alborough

Carla Botha

Jess Johnson

Lara Tipper

Ryan Bamsey

Jordan Bate

Winner of The Employee of the Year: Jordan Bate!

Jordan has worked on his own for a year, and has built a whole branch on his own, which has quickly become super successful!

“He has always worked so hard since day 1, recruiting amazing candidates and building solid relationships with clients and candidates. He smashes every aspect of the job and has such a good work ethic. He inspires me regularly!”

Exceptional Service Award – Jess Johnson

The final award is our exceptional service award which goes to Jess Johnson!

“This is an award that only David and I get to vote on, and we’ve picked the person that we both lean on the most. She is the heartbeat of the company, someone I’m sure you chat to on teams every day and makes you laugh. In my opinion, a teaching agency is only ever as good as its vetting and compliance team, and that’s why we are so good! She doesn’t miss a thing, and that’s why we love her!

Congratulations, Jess!  Well deserved!