Senco Forum – Your go-to 2021 SEN Support Community

Senco Forum – Your go-to 2021 SEN Support Community

SENCO Forum rapidly grows to over 2200 members

By David Dos Santos, Co-Founder @ The Supply Room

The role of a SENCO and SEN Teacher is extremely challenging at the best of times.

The year, 2020 added stress, uncertainty and disruption to schools in a way that not even the most experienced SENCO was prepared for.

All those who work in education, as well as parents or carers of pupils with Special Educational Needs, know how important routine is.

2020 certainly did not offer that.

Returning to school in 2021

As we return to work under further restrictions in 2021, I reflected on what The Supply Room was able to achieve in 2020.

One of the biggest and proudest achievements for us, as a small business, was our offering to both mainstream and SEN schools during closures in March 2020.

Our support staff, teachers and internal team at The Supply Room did an amazing job to support SENCOs and pupils in schools during a time where leaving your own house seemed like a daunting thing to do. One of the ways we achieved this, was through our SENCO Forum.

Everyone stepped up, continued to support those in need and did so proudly, professionally and without question.

I believe teachers and support staff deserve to be celebrated for this and being able to offer support to the SEN community during these times will certainly go down as one of our greatest achievements in 2020.

SENCO Forum rapidly grows to over 2200 members

Additionally, our SENCO Forum, which turns three this year, grew rapidly to over 2200 members as more and more SENCOs and SEN teachers sought support and community. 2020 saw 272 questions posted by SENCOs across the country with almost all of them answered by multiple SEN professionals.

Being part of such an active SEN community has given us as an education recruitment business so much insight into what school headteachers and SENCOs were facing in the UK. It shaped our recruitment and focus; allowing us to be best prepared to support schools in a way that reflected the current challenges.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the hard-working SENCOs, SEN teachers and SEN Support staff for the service they offered in 2020. I wish you all the best of luck in 2021!

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