The Senco Forum Spotlight, what's on the Forum this week.

Welcome to our weekly Senco Forum Spotlight, where we take a peek at the conversations and intriguing discussions currently being discussed! This week’s topics range from the curious to the critical, offering a diverse array of insights and perspectives.

Whether you’re just starting out as a SENCO or have several years experience, we welcome your participation and expertise.

This week, on the Senco Forum Spotlight:

  • Child licking inappropriate objects

Caroline reached out to the Senco Forum seeking insights into a behavior observed in a year 3 student. The child frequently engages in licking inappropriate objects, a habit persisting since Nursery. “She is very verbal, an amazing reader (hyperlexia?), but a very anxious child with many fears, and a strong fear of getting anything wrong.”

Caroline is keen to gather experiences from the community to address the issue tactfully without exacerbating the child’s anxieties.


Antonia is on the search for information regarding the new NPQ, with an urgency to commence a NASENCO course before the mandatory implementation of NPQ in September 2024.

Seeking assistance, she has turned to the Senco Forum community for insights or any leads that might help her navigate this challenging search.

  • ADHD screener for schools

Patricia is currently on the lookout for an online ADHD screening tool that would be appropriate for school settings. A few recommendations have been shared on the Forum.

  • School refusal

Clare is facing a challenging situation with a Year 6 pupil who has ASD and severe anxiety, making it difficult for the student to attend school. Despite collaborative efforts with parents to establish a routine of one hour a day, the pupil has now stopped attending altogether. The parents are feeling overwhelmed and have exhausted their strategies, leaving Clare wondering about additional support options. Clare would greatly appreciate your input.

  • Oppositional Defiant Disorder

Casey is seeking insights from the Senco Forum community regarding a diagnosis of Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD). If you have any experiences, information, or guidance on this matter, please share your input with Casey on the Senco Forum.

Our Senco forum continues to be a dynamic space where SEN Teachers, aspiring SENCOs, therapists and other SEN professionals from diverse backgrounds come together to discuss topics.  Join us next week for another roundup, and let’s keep the conversations flowing!