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Our Team at The Supply Room know how valuable the work of SEN Teachers, SENCOs and SEN Support Staff is to the schools and children they support. That’s why we created a fast-growing SENCO Forum for SEN professionals to network, whilst offering and receiving support.⁠

Our SENCO Forum is currently supported by a community of over 1200 SEN professionals and also has independent support from The Send Advisory Team (Ltd). Here’s a couple of recent topics that our community has helped with;

Programmes for building resilience (Reception) – The child has some physical difficulties but was also flagged in our Nursery as having some processing / cognitive difficulties. Tends to get stuck on a thought and repeat it all day. Made very little progress in Nursery, so I want to apply for some extra support from the LA. After discussion with the Lead SEND Officer… Read more here. 

SEN students who require a scribe – This year we have a few students who have various diagnosis where they are unable to show their understanding on paper and need to verbalise their understanding in order to cognitively process it. There is a particular student who has dyspraxia and dysphasia… Read more here. 

ADHD / Dyspraxia (GCSE Access arrangements question) – Is there anyone with experience in Access Arrangements for GCSEs? The JCQ allows the use of a laptop, but when it comes to taking the exam, the students are given the exam in paper form and are expected to write each answer on a blank Word document. This is very disorientating for dyspraxic students… Read more here. 

Dyslexia screening in primary schools – I am new to the role and just wondered how many primary schools screen for Dyslexia. If you do screen what tools do you use for your screening and how… Read more here. 

Our Forum is available for all levels of staff, including Teaching Assistants who work with Special Educational Needs in mainstream or SEN specific schools. Register by visiting our SENCO Forum at

Additionally, if you’re a London SENCO or Headteacher looking for a committed team to support your school with SEN recruitment – get in touch! We know where all the best hang out!