Musicalternative sings catchy tune for teachers starting out at new school


The Supply Room recently approached talented singing duo, Musicalternative to write a song about being a teacher in a new school.

And the duo didn’t disappoint.

Musicalternative is just as the name suggests, a musical alternative to Primary School teaching by combining the love of music with the teaching of key topics from the British National Curriculum.

Their songs are catchy, funny and more often than not, relatable.

The Supply Room thought a song about joining a new school would help ease the transition and calm nerves for teachers it often placed in new schools.
“Musicalternative did a phenomenal job!” said Co-Founder, David Dos Santos. “It’s very relatable!”

If you haven’t heard the catchy tune yet, have a listen and let us know what you think:

“I’ve been looking forward to this since day one,
Better learn to walk before I learn to run.
My classroom, a chance to have some fun,
because ABCs aren’t easy, you see, I’ll help you through, don’t you worry.
M.a.t.h.s don’t sweat,
we’re gonna learn together and you’re gonna be the best, I bet!”