Meet the The Supply Room Devon Team leader, Kitty Hughes.

The Supply Room’s Devon branch has a new Team Leader and today, we delve into the life of Kathryn, or Kitty as she’s fondly called, and explore the journey that led to her recent promotion. 

From her early days at West Exe Technology College, Kitty’s story is one of growth and inspiration.

Kitty reveals that her nickname has been with her since birth. Despite her dad’s initial skepticism, Kitty embraced the moniker, and today, she believes it truly suits her personality. 

The Exeter Connection

A true Exeter girl, Kitty’s roots run deep in this charming city. Her experience working at Exeter Uni’s Student Employability team equipped her with valuable skills in internal and external recruitment – a foundation that shaped her career at The Supply Room.

Joining The Supply Room as a Trainee Recruitment Consultant

In February 2023, Kitty embarked on a new chapter as a Trainee Recruitment Consultant at The Supply Room. Her initial focus on schools in central Exeter and occasionally in North Devon laid the groundwork for the role she would later thrive in. It was the beginning of a journey that would see her grow both professionally and personally.

Team dynamics and leadership lessons

Working with a team that boasts contrasting personalities, Kitty found joy in the camaraderie at The Supply Room. She highlights the support and problem-solving skills of her Team Leader, Alex, who instilled in her the invaluable mantra – “it doesn’t hurt to ask.” These lessons have become pillars of Kitty’s leadership style as she envisions growth and mentorship in her role as Team Leader in Devon.

For the love of Devon…

Devon holds a special place in Kitty’s heart, especially Dartmoor and the picturesque beaches. Her vision for The Supply Room’s Devon branch revolves around mentoring and cultivating a thriving office environment. The beauty of the region, coupled with the proximity of family and friends, makes Devon more than just a workplace – it’s home!

… And her mum!

In a candid moment, Kitty admits that her biggest inspiration is her mum – a rock and a master of roast dinners!

Beyond work, Kitty enjoys cooking, live music, and the occasional solo pamper evening. Her love for reading and travel showcases a zest for life beyond the office walls.

The Supply Room Connection

When asked about her favourite aspect of The Supply Room, Kitty’s answer is simple yet profound – the people. 

Kitty’s journey from a Trainee Recruitment Consultant to Team Leader in Devon is a testament to her hard work and dedication. Her story is one of growth, camaraderie, and a deep connection to the community she serves. 

10 Things About Devon’s new Team Leader, Kitty:

  • Favourite colour: Blue 
  • Favourite winter indulgence: Baileys
  • Fave pizza topping: Pepperoni (always) 
  • Fave subject at school: English Literature 
  • Books or movies? Movies 
  • Best book/movie you’ve ever read/ watched: The Terrible by Yrsa, Daly Ward 
  • Netflix or Youtube? Netflix 
  • Morning person or night owl? Bit of both! 
  • Rain or sunshine? Sunshine 
  • Marmite: Love or hate? Love 

Congratulations to Kitty on her well-deserved promotion! We can’t wait to see the positive impact she’ll bring to the team in her new role!