Schools have started to pre-book supply teachers and teaching assistants amid staffing shortages, regardless if they’re needed or not. 

Speaking on BBC Point West’s Evening News, The Supply Room’s Director, Joe Birchenall shared that while supply teachers have always been in high demand, Covid has certainly exacerbated the problem, stretching an already very-strained work force.

“I’ve worked in this industry for about 10 years and I can honestly say we’ve never seen it as busy as it is at the moment.”

He added that a number of schools are pre-booking available teachers, regardless if they’re needed that day or not, and finding work for them. 

“Schools are calling us every morning, probably dozens and dozens of schools, requesting supply teachers and teaching assistants and while we are still able to help many of them, there’s certainly some schools that we just can’t help because all our teachers are either booked or they’re self-isolating themselves.”

To accommodate the surge in supply teachers, teaching assistants and cover supervisors, The Supply Room has shouldered the costs to offer higher daily rates. 

“We can also be very flexible, even if a teacher wants to work just a day or just a couple of days a week or maybe some mornings or afternoons, we can accommodate that and we can provide them with work to fit around their schedules.”

Birchenall added that teaching assistants are in high demand and don’t necessarily need any specific qualification. 

“If you feel you’re good working with children and you’d like to make a positive impact, then give us a call and we can help you find work in a local school.”


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