Spring clean your classroom

Need tips on how to spring clean your classroom? If last year has taught us anything, it’s that keeping your space clean and tidy is the most important thing to keep you and your loved ones safe (and sane).

This blog post will list some cleaning tips on how to spring clean your classroom effectively, as well as include a list of sustainable cleaning products to protect your students and the environment and also some wise words from celebrities such as Mrs. Hinch and Stacey Solomon. Stay tuned for some useful cleaning hacks!

Benefits of Spring Cleaning your Classroom

It’s no secret that cleaning can benefit you in many ways. It’ll improve your productivity, put you in a great mood and is good for your health!

  • Clear mind – The number one reason to spring clean is that having a tidy space clears your head massively! Have you ever heard of ‘tidy room, tidy mind’? Now is the perfect time to clean and organise so you can get your mind and classroom free of any anxiety or stress.
  • Strengthen your immune system – When you regularly clean your classroom, you eliminate any of the nasty germs that may have crept in from the great outdoors. This is reason enough to maintain cleaning the classroom.
  • Fresh air – Bring the outside in! The English weather can be very hit or miss in the Summer.. Well, all year really.. But on the days when it’s nice, warm and sunny, take advantage of that! Get those doors and windows open to keep fresh air flowing!

How to Springclean your Classroom

Mrs. Hinch’s Top Tips for Spring Cleaning

Now onto some cleaning products and tips that are a MUST! These products have been tried, tested and recommended by the queen of clean – Mrs. Hinch.

Mrs Hinch rose to fame with her Instagram cleaning account, which now has over 4 million followers! Seems crazy right? 4 million Instagram followers in exchange for cleaning tips – but it works. She’s great! Since then she has released multiple books about all things cleaning and organising that you can shop on Amazon.

She wow’d her followers with her amazing cleaning hacks like mixing Zoflora with water in a spray bottle for surfaces, and made the Minky M Cloth so popular, she got her own bundle with the brand! The power of social media – huh?!

Here are some of Mrs. Hinch’s must have cleaning products that she swears by:

Another popular celebrity on the cleaning scene is Stacey Solomon. Best friends with the queen of clean Mrs. Hinch, Stacey has a programme coming out on BBC called ‘Sort Your Life Out’. The show is about organising your home on a budget – you may be able to use these tips in your classroom! Like Mrs. Hinch, Stacey has released a book called ‘Tap to Tidy’ all about cleaning and organising.

Go Green!

When you think of cleaning products, your mind may gravitate towards harsh chemicals such as bleach, disinfectant etc. Where these are obviously useful to kill bacteria from all sorts of surfaces, it is known that cleaning products are extremely bad for the environment – contributing to both air and water pollution and waste.

However there are some great alternatives to your standard cleaning products which are eco-friendly. Eco-friendly cleaning products are far better for the environment as they can come in biodegradable or recycled packaging and do not contain hazardous chemicals that cause significant air or water pollution.

Here’s a couple of eco-friendly brands to check out:

  • Method provide a range of products that have biodegradable plant-based ingredients. Their packaging is 100% recycled from plastic bottles and they do not test on animals. The products they make are multi surface cleaners, antibac all purpose cleaners, wood floor cleaners, hand gels and soap.
  • bio-D make affordable UK produced cleaning products, which are made from ethically soured ingredients. The products are vegan and cruelty free and are suitable to everyone! The products range from sanitising handwash to washing up liquid to all purpose sanitiser.
  • ecovibe are a company that say no to plastic! They were concerned about the growing plastic crisis so ecovibe was born! They believe that small changes have a big impact and you have to start somewhere. Their products are eco-friendly, ethically produced and sustainable with completely plastic free packaging. They have already saved over 40 tonnes of plastic entering the eco-system, planted thousands of trees and helped customers reduce plastic.

The Great British Spring Clean takes place from May 28 to June 13. So, what are you waiting for? Get those feather dusters and eco-friendly products out and get cleaning!