How to land your dream teaching job in the UK

How to land your dream teaching job in the UK with The Supply Room

If you’re looking to land your dream teaching job in the UK in 2020… look no further!

While landing your dream teaching job may seem unattainable for some, with a little bit of prep and some dedication, we’re happy to report it’s possible!

“I’m now at an amazing school with people and children I enjoy, and look forward to working with everyday,” said Nicole, a Canadian teacher now working in the UK.

Here’s how it’s done.

Learn everything there is to know about yourself

Self-assessments and enneagram tests are aplenty online.  Take some time to discover what it is you like, how you’d like to work and what you’d like to do. Having this in mind is a great place to see where you’d be perfectly positioned within a school.

Consider Supply Teaching

Consider supply work or a teaching role as an OTT (Overseas Trained Teacher) if you’re wanting to gain experience in the UK. 

Supply teaching gives you the opportunity to get into schools and determine which school you want to work for.

Have a professional CV

We’re not saying you need to rush out to get a professional CV drawn up… but having a CV that looks professional is the best place to start.
Avoid spelling mistakes, cliches and poor design. Opt for achievement highlights, a brief personal history and don’t forget contact details! 

Use a reliable teaching agency

That’s us.

As a teacher recruitment agency in the UK, we work closely with both schools and teachers (and those in other educational roles too). Plus we strive to find the best role to suit you and your needs. We’re not going to put you into just any role!

Prepare for your Interview

And when it comes time to prep for your interview, we’re there to help prepare and support you and we’re there afterwards to drop a high five! We’ll bring you up to speed with what to wear, what to bring and how to handle tough interview questions, like these.

Landing your next dream teaching role shouldn’t be hard. Why not give The Supply Room a call? Let’s find your classroom!