Free SEN Summer Camp with SEN Resources Blog

This summer, The SEN Resources Blog is launching a Free SEN summer camp!
The club is for parents and teachers of primary school-aged children providing them with free activities and ideas for play-based fun!


The free SEN summer camp is for sharing ideas and activities with parents and teachers, but more importantly for kids to #CatchUpOnPlaying.

There’s been a lot of talk about the government extending school days to make up for lost time on learning in a school environment due to the pandemic. The SEN Resource Blogger, Georgina believes that after all of the ‘catch up’ narrative being in the news, it’s time to do something positive! Hence, the summer camp.

Of course, it’s important for kids to catch up on lost school time, and being in a school environment brings back the feeling of ‘the norm’, however, it is just as important for children to communicate and play which will help them adjust to being able to socialise again, ready for the new school year.

If you’re a parent or teacher and you think you could benefit from taking part in the Free SEN Summer Camp with Georgina and hundreds of others, then you can join the Facebook group here.

About The SEN Resources Blog

The SEN Resource Blog is run by Georgina, a mum of two and a fully qualified teacher. Georgina is also a former head of Special Educational Needs in a Secondary school and tutors children with SEN.

The overall aim of the blog is to provide parents and teachers with in-depth book reviews, recommendations on what kind of things to buy to support your child or student, and also tips on how to continue learning outside of the classroom. The award-winning site has even been featured in The Guardian, Telegraph, SEN Magazine, and the Daily Mirror.

The helpful blog posts published by Georgina were so popular, that she was able to publish her own book, ‘100 Ways Your Child Can Learn Through Play’.