children’s mental health training

If the current global pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that children’s mental health is important.

That’s why Place To Be has launched free online children’s mental health training for UK Qualified Teachers!

This online training is aimed at enhancing educators’ understanding of children’s mental health and introduces approaches that foster positive wellbeing in schools and communities.

The course is free to qualified teachers and school-based staff in the UK.

The 5-week programme officially kicks off on 10 February in England, with regular start dates for you to choose from. Each session is broken down into 15 minute sections and pre-recorded to watch in your own time (1–1.5 hours per week total).

children’s mental health training

Children’s Mental Health Training topics include: 

1. Understanding mental health & wellbeing

We introduce factors that contribute to positive mental health and wellbeing.

2. Nature and nurture

We explore how early experiences shape the way we perceive ourselves and relate to others, and how those experiences create the pathways in the brain that support our development.

3. How can I help?

We consider what a child’s behaviour might be communicating about their underlying needs.

4. Mental health: everybody’s business

We reflect on the importance of positive mental health for everyone with a focus on the adults around a child.

To book your spot, visit Place to Be’s website here and sign up!

To be eligible for the funded programme, you need to have UK QTS, be an NQT or have a permanent role in-school.