Considering Supply Teaching?

Considering Supply Teaching?

Central London Teaching Agency

Central London Teaching Agency

Supply Teachers step in when a teacher needs to take time off whether that be for illness, maternity or training and development.

The length of assignments differs greatly for supply teachers and can range from a single day to terms at a time. It’s a daunting task to take on supply work but it brings with it many advantages.

We’ve listed a few of our favourites.


Supply teaching puts you in direct control of the perfect work/life balance as you choose when and where you are available to work.

The opportunity to take time off during term time in between bookings and avoid the high prices of travelling during term breaks is a luxury that permanent teachers don’t have.

Testing out the waters

If you are new to teaching supply work gives you an amazing opportunity to gain experience while shaping the type of teacher you’d like to become.

You can also use supply teaching to ease back in after a prolonged break or alternatively to phase out of teaching at retirement.


Working in a variety of schools gives you the chance to meet and connect with lots of different people, opening a wider professional network.

This can often lead to a permanent position or further opportunities long term.


As a supply teacher no two bookings look the same, there’s always a new school to discover, new children to connect with and new content to teach.

There are some permanent teachers who stay in the same role or school for years on end.

While that may offer stability and familiarity the ability to push out of your comfort zone and adapting constantly to new surroundings will benefit you throughout your career.

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