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Covid 19 Advice for Toddlers from a Toddler

“Don’t sneeze and cough on your friends!” This is the advice from a South African toddler to others her age. The adorable message, shared by Blissful Babyness The Village, has a few tips for kids to remember when it comes to Coronavirus. Watch the video below! Wash your hands. Don’t sneeze and cough on your…
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Supply Teachers & Support Staff during COVID-19 closures

Support Teachers and Support Staff during Covid-19

Supply teachers and support staff across the United Kingdom need your support to secure government pay during the Coronavirus/ COVID-19 mandatory school closures. A petition, which requires 10 000 signatures to garner a response from the UK government, was established and can be signed here. Another petition, for zero hours contract workers has also been…
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Teachers recommend free SEND online training on SENCO Forum

Teachers Recommend Free SEND Online Training

Want to develop your own SEND online training during this Coronavirus/ COVID-19 pandemic? We spotted a thread in our free online SENCO community that provides so much value, we thought we’d share it with you all. You’ll need to sign up for a free account to access the thread, but it’s updated constantly with teacher…
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Great Resources you should download during Twinkl’s One Month Ultimate Membership

Great resources you should download during Twinkl’s One Month Ultimate Membership

Have you seen Twinkl’s One Month Ultimate Membership offer?! Whether your school goes into isolation or not, taking up Twinkl’s very generous offer for a complimentary month-long ultimate membership is not to be missed! We dove into the resources and pulled out what we believe are some great finds on the platform. We could have kept going…
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teacher agency in London, Ealing Teacher Agency

Things to consider leaving off your CV | From a teacher agency in London

What does a teacher agency in London know about CV’s? With a number of teachers visiting our offices daily, and our education recruitment consultants conducting several vetting interviews, we’ve learnt a thing or two about what should and what shouldn’t be on a CV. We also work very closely with our schools and have listened…
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London's Best Areas to Live and Teach in

London’s best areas to live and teach

Are you a newly arrived teacher considering London’s best areas to live and teach in? Each borough in London offers a unique culture, vibe and style; making it one of the most exciting cities in the world! At The Supply Room, we have a dedicated consultant assigned to each borough, meaning they gain an excellent…
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Secondary School Jobs London

What it takes to be a Secondary School Teacher in the UK

Looking to start or further your career as a secondary school teacher in the UK? Here’s what you need to know. You’ll need to have a recognised teaching qualification, along with a degree in the subject you choose to teach, to work in a UK state school as a secondary school teacher.  What is needed: …
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Nursery Jobs London

Step Away from the Plastic: Loose Parts Play in Early Years

Have you ever noticed that if you leave old junk lying around, kids will almost inevitably play with it? Whether it be old cardboard boxes, wooden pallets, pieces of wood, old tires [sic], bits of rope or string, kids will use their imagination and ingenuity…

Early Years Jobs in London with Education Recruitment company, The Supply Room

Let’s find your Early Years classroom

With over 2000 day nurseries for Early Years Practitioners to consider in London, it’s no surprise there’s an abundance of jobs available. If you’ve recently completed your Cache Qualification in Childcare or are simply looking at changing jobs, you definitely have a variety of options to consider!  Here are our top five points on how…
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How to land your dream teaching job in the UK with The Supply Room

How to land your dream teaching job in the UK

If you’re looking to land your dream teaching job in the UK in 2020… look no further! While landing your dream teaching job may seem unattainable for some, with a little bit of prep and some dedication, we’re happy to report it’s possible! “I’m now at an amazing school with people and children I enjoy,…
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