8 June 2018

Over the last few weeks, our teachers have asked for some handy apps they can use in the classroom. Here’s what we came up with.


‘Harry, excellent walking in the corridor-  a dojo point for you! Well done!’ This free app is one I have used personally, it is best used as a behaviour management tool on the go, download the app to a tablet or phone device and it’s pretty straightforward. Each child gets their own avatar which looks great and the idea is to acquire as many points as you can to receive rewarding incentives, for example a prize from the prize box, an afternoon of golden time or a certificate – A fantastic way for a teacher to remember that positive praise and reinforcement.

ClassDojo is also a great way for teachers to communicate with parents and children. While parents can see what their child has been learning in the classroom, students can create their own digital avatar and share images. The teachers obviously reap the most benefits; from making different class groups, to tracking homework to other teaching tools such as a countdown timer or radio, this is THE App of 2018.

Too Noisy

Throw out the painkillers, the headaches have gone! This app provides a noisy class with entertaining graphics that let the children know when they’re being too loud. The teacher can adjust the sensitivity of noise in the classroom allowing the children to make more or less noise depending on the occasion. The children can prerecord their own messages on the app to help keep the noise down, which can be earned through good behaviour. The app automatically adds or removes stars to help control the volume in the classroom so you don’t have to do much. A good way to set expectations from the start of term! Too Noisy lite/Pro can be connected to a TV, Computer, interactive whiteboard or other device and is compatible with ios and android.

Finally, for the slightly older children… Another free App!


A smart app which incorporates behaviour management and gaming. Classcraft gamifies the whole classroom experience. When a student behaves in a way you think makes them a better learner, you reward them with points, the pupil will then slowly begin to level up and unlock super real life powers. The best part is you get to make the powers up too- for example, letting your students eat in class, have an extra day on their homework or be chosen for a fun extra-curricular activity during lesson time. Whatever you decide, the powers would essentially have to be something that the students genuinely want and are motivated to earn. The app also regulates in the opposite way so if a pupil is being disruptive, the player (student) will lose health points which will result in a consequence, preferably something the students definitely don’t want to do for example sing in front of the whole class or hand in homework early!

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